Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

This caterpillar he climbed so high

Half way up my back wall

And then he stopped and looked about

I hoped he wouldn’t fall


For even though the likes of him

Eat up my nasturtiums

I always love the look of them

After their conversions!

(Into butterflies….keep up!)

He started swaying from side to side

It was a curious thing

It was then I saw he was securing himself

With what looked like fine silk string!


‘Aha,’ I thought as I watched him,

 ‘He’s preparing to be a cocoon!’

Then just then right at that moment

He performed a dead faint swoon.

I poked him gently-he didn’t move

Perhaps he’d run out of thread

Or maybe he’d just had enough

How sad if he was now dead!

I checked the following morning

He hadn’t changed at all

He was still a caterpillar

Hanging upon my wall 😦

The next day to my great surprise

My eyes near popped out of my head

For look what had happened at dead of night

No more caterpillar but a chrysalis instead!

IMG_4941 (1)

I feel this qualifies for the theme of ‘Change!’

That’s All!

See Ya xx

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