Macro Monday

Just some wonderful wild flowers and grass from the fields being my house…..

Comfrey with its wonderful swirl!

Comfrey with its wonderful swirl!




Grass seed heads-so delicate.

Grass seed heads-so delicate.

IMG_2455 IMG_2475

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That’s All!

See Ya xx

6 comments on “Macro Monday

  1. I’m particularly taken with the grass seed heads, Lizzie – I’ve never seen anything like that before ! Just gorgeous !
    You are a clever old thing, you are ! 🙂

    • Oh there are beautiful grasses around at the moment… I will make it my mission to get some more shots…once the howling winds and heavy rain stop on this first day of summer in the uk! I actually saw some I had never seen before when I was out today. Sit back and wait for more grarrrrrse as we southern brits say! 😉

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