Macro Monday

When snails play ‘peepo’!



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That’s All!

See Ya xx


12 comments on “Macro Monday

      • “Standard” outdoor snail size, then. Those shells would be fun to collect. I just looked at a necklace made of snail shells with tiny ceramic turtles crawling out of each. : )

      • In the Mienge International Museum (folk art)–a wonderful and fantastic place I wish I’d had more time in. My frigging phone battery died, too, so not a photo of its treasures to be had.

        Interesting that the online reviewers were mostly unimpressed. I loved it!

      • Exactly. One of the most dismissive reviews poohed-poohed the current featured on-loan exhibit of black dolls, which was so fascinating that I will blog about it…eventually, as I do everything (sigh). By then, there will be twenty-kahundred posts about it, by people who can take photos. (My battery died while I was trying to photograph the dolls. I got a few, but no flash allowed, and the dolls are, obviously, dark, displayed in dim light, as antique cloth is. AND I’m all out of excuses for my feebleness now. :D)

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