Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate and Macro Monday

The challenge this week is to find some ‘Intricate’ photos…..

IMG_3372 IMG_2034 IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2042 IMG_2040

And this next one is sort of a before and after all in one….

IMG_2035Rather like pigeons, which most people seem to hate but I love, these dandelions are often maligned but I think they are beautiful (in the wild not in my garden!).

That’s All!

See Ya xx

16 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate and Macro Monday

    • I’m in the UK too! Bedfordshire! You just have to catch them at the right time…preferably not on a day like today when you get your hair restyled the minute you walk out of the door….is it windy with you? Where are you? Thanks 🙂

      • Ha oh how funny, I must only see them once they’ve taken a battering in the wind! It is still very windy here, I’m in London… I put some plants out on my balcony at the weekend and had to promptly bring them in again as they started to break in the wind. Not a great spring huh?!

    • No the usual April winds seemed to be a little tardy this year! My camellia had its buds blown off! 😦 Still…what doesn’t kill ya and all that! 😉

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