Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds 4


My last entry to this challenge – a sweet little Turkish butterfly!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


12 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds 4

  1. Yes. I DO want to.

    I really, really dislike the colors orange and yellow most of the time–most especially when they are adjacent. They make my eyes open too wide and FORCE their glaring selves inside my brain. It’s part of my Aspie thing. But I don’t ALWAYS dislike them, and never know when the dislike
    will strike.

    Although I think your photograph is lovely–

    and I definitely think that butterfly is lovely, with its busy-but-almost-regular pattern that almost-but-not-quite looks like a leopard-or-maybe-but-not-quite a gameboard with pieces on it–

    and, were I to see the subjects (butterfly and plants) live, I would be pleased–

    and, even though fields of tiger lilies are some of my favorite sights “in the wild”–

    your picture hurts my delicate-for-absolutely-no-reason-that-I-can-tell sensibilities.

    Make it go away, please.

    Wait: I can do that, can’t I? S’long, ’til next time.

    –Rude Wholly-Uncalled-For TMI-Babe

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