Photography 101: Architecture

The crooked spire of Chesterfield….

IMG_6898 IMG_6909

This spire was built at the end of the 1300s!

Apparently there are many theories about why it is crooked….

It might have been that the timber frame being made of unseasoned wood and some of them have warped over the years…and what with there being lead as an outer covering…oooh heavy!


However….local folklore reckons that the Devil was flying over the countryside and came to rest on the spire not realising there was a church beneath it! When he heard the sweet singing rising from below he took off in such a hurry that his tail caught round the spire and twisted it. (Also there’s speculation that the smell of incense made him sneeze!)

IMG_6891 IMG_6912

Yet another story says that the spire (!) was so surprised to see a virtuous girl being married in the church that it bent down to take a closer look and couldn’t straighten up again!!

This is the theme for Photography 101: Architecture

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