Photography 101: Solitude

IMG_6096 IMG_8952 IMG_1127 IMG_0275 IMG_0821

IMG_8582For other ‘Solitude’ photos go to Photography 101: Solitude in the Reader

That’s All!

See Ya xx


9 comments on “Photography 101: Solitude

  1. Love the first photo of the insect (grasshopper? praying mantis?) It’s as if the wind’s blowing and he’s clutching on to that wood for dear life!

    Looking at that photo again, it looks as if he’s trying to do some push ups 😉

  2. That is the most stellar dragonfly photograph I’ve ever seen. Then I scroll down and see the clichéd lone bench which slays the cliché.

    English sometimes seems adjective-poor when it comes to synonyms for “Beautiful”.

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