13 comments on “Macro Monday

  1. I suspect they may be a form of zinnia, would you believe, Lizzie darlin ? I looked using the zoom and found that those outer things that look like florets are actually rolled petals, so it’s possible …

  2. Well, M-R, this Pom reckons it is an Echinacea (or cone flower), possibly purpurea! If so, the petals will bend back as the central cone rounds outwards and it will flower its little heart out until the frosts. Should give you years of pleasure Elle :0)

    • My partner thinks it’s a pretty weed and won’t budge! I think it could be a purpurea though tomorrow I am going to check out of the petals are as yet unopened….or what! Thank you btw! 😀

  3. I think it’s an echinacea / coneflower too — I have a bunch that look very similar to that. And there are so many hybrids, so many varieties — it’s hard to pin down one “typical” echinacea look these days. BUT — I’d bet good money on echinacea. 🙂

    Great shots — love the spider web!

  4. I love when the birds or the wind or otherwise deposit beautiful gifts. Yes, it is a coneflower. I was gifted a chicory plant this past summer. Glad you stuck it out to see what your present would turn out to be.

    • It’s really rather lovely now and there are some buds a comin’ too! Mind you, it has the toughest stem I’ve ever felt on a flower like this! It seems really really strong! Thanks 🙂

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