9 comments on “Macro Monday

  1. Why does it have mould on it ? – presoomably because it gets a lot of rain ? We never see mould on silver birches Downunder. But maybe that a part of why the bark is so attractive …
    And your daddy long legs look like ours only in terms of the legs: the bodies are quite different.
    You probably knew all this, Lizzie darlin. Dunno why I constantly load people with info. they don’t need/already have.

    • Well, I’m not sure it’s mould…we were taught that the north wind gave rise to green on one side of trees. But whether it is algae, lichen or wot I know not! Our daddy longlegs are as you describe. This one is more correctly known as a harvestman but people call them daddy longlegs anyway. So it’s more of a discussion than a loading of info…either way I’m happy! 😉

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