Cappadocia and the Pigeons

So, there we were in Göreme in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey! Most of the hotels are ‘cave’ hotels due to the nature of where they are…..sort of in caves! Here’s a picture of what we could see from our cave hotel….

In this picture you should be able to see little squares dug into the walls. These are pigeon roosts! Apparently you were no one in Göreme if you didn’t have pigeons…a lot of pigeons which in Turn would produce a lot of poo(!) for your crops! You would need it as a lure to any woman you were interested in as a marriage prospect!! If you couldn’t demonstrate much pigeon poo then you were no one and unmarried!
This lead to the creation of Pigeon Valley…..I kid you not!! Look….


This is Cappa Camel who willingly takes visitors right down into the valley!




Amazing place eh? Oh and here are the pigeons…..

Lots of them!!
That’s All!
See Ya xx