Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture 4

I’m in Istanbul!! And today I visited a place called Kariye Müzesi or for us Brits ‘The Chora Church’. Inside were the most amazing mosaics which created a wonderful set of textures…….

Just as an aside ( and maybe for M-R) the Kariye Müzesi was built in 534 on the orders of Saint Theodius! The mosaics are from the 14th century. For more of this week’s challenge visit http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/texture/

That’s All
See Ya xx

4 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture 4

  1. Thank you very much, lizzie darlin ! – all such info is most gratefully received, I promise. GORGEOUS mosaic – unbelieveably fine. Is it a ceiling ? Such amazing work … I hope you’re having a wonderful time, and I think that very likely. X !

    • It is a ceiling and the whole church is covered in them. The outside of the church is very plain. The bloke who made it said that there was nothing in the whole world that made him happier than the mosaics inside the Kariye Müzesi. I think I’d have felt “job well done” if that had been my life’s work too!! Off on a bosphorus boat ride today! Will report in later! Xx

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