Dovedale Derbyshire

Look it’s lovely here! 20140801-094704-35224501.jpg20140801-094724-35244046.jpg20140801-094745-35265068.jpg20140801-094010-34810737.jpgAnd so are the ducks! 20140801-094308-34988432.jpg20140801-094428-35068122.jpgThat’s All

See Ya xx


21 comments on “Dovedale Derbyshire

      • Well, did I say we have arranged for respite for the next 4 weeks as my bro, sis and I are away at various points in August and we needed to know she would be alright and cared for when we were away. So she went in to the respite place yesterday so she’s sore from the taxi ride and the change and a little out of sorts. I’m hoping having people around all the time will help her. X

      • Glad to hear it, and I agree that it should help her having people around all the time. What I’d really like to know is if the ****ing medicos have managed to dull her pain levels at all …?

      • She has an appointment at the muscular and skeletal clinic on weds which I will take her to. I really don’t know what will happen with her pain as she’s on a double dose of slow release morphine already along with various other pills. That’s a question to ask of the professionals at the clinic and hopefully to find an answer. X

      • Okay darlin, I’m off the topic now. It’s just that I know it must niggle away at your all the time, a bit like background music, but reall atonal and unpleasant.
        So ! – what’s with the travelling ?

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