Sunday Surprise!

This wee beastie was found in the rose bushes at the end of my garden….I have never seen one before! I did not know what it was so I googled it under ‘bug with wings and a big beak’!!!

So the Sunday Surprise I present to you is a……

Scorpion Fly!

Scorpion Fly!

This is Cynthia Scorpion Fly and I know she is female because her genitals (ahem…on a Sunday too!) are not like a scorpion’s stinger. The male’s genitals (sorry, I know it’s the second time…..SORRY!) are like a scorpion’s stinger!! Unfortunately Steve Scorpion Fly was out for the day hence no photos of him!!


Here’s some more information about them…..

  • They feed mostly on dead insects, which they frequently steal from the webs of spiders.
  • Mating usually occurs at night. It can be a dangerous time for the male, if he is not careful the female might decide to kill him!
  • To avoid this he presents her with a gift of a drop of saliva which, it seems, in the world of scorpion flies, is the equivalent of a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates.

Well whaddya know!

That’s All!

See Ya xx