Wordless Wednesday

The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland…

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That’s All!

See Ya xx


23 comments on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Thank you! It was the most stunning couple of days and soooooo beautiful! The Giant’s Causeway is amazing but there are other fabulous places there! When I was growing up, N Ireland was always a scary place because of the troubles but my goodness, it’s wonderful! 🙂

  1. Quite extraordinary, Lizzie ! – I’m going to have to read up on it to find out how come that formation occurred. DAMN YOU !
    X !

      • “Around 50 to 60 million years ago, during the Paleogene Period, Antrim was subject to intense volcanic activity, when highly fluid molten basalt intruded through chalk beds to form an extensive lava plateau. As the lava cooled, contraction occurred. Horizontal contraction fractured in a similar way to drying mud, with the cracks propagating down as the mass cooled, leaving pillarlike structures, which are also fractured horizontally into “biscuits”. In many cases the horizontal fracture has resulted in a bottom face that is convex while the upper face of the lower segment is concave, producing what are called “ball and socket” joints. The size of the columns is primarily determined by the speed at which lava from a volcanic eruption cools. The extensive fracture network produced the distinctive columns seen today. The basalts were originally part of a great volcanic plateau called the Thulean Plateau which formed during the Paleogene.”

      • But I don’t find that satisfactory. I mean, are there other volcanic outpourings like it ? – and if not, why not ?

      • Actually it was only like that in that place that the pictures show. Along the coast there was no other place like it though some formations that were similar but nowhere near as spectacular. I don’t know why it is just there? I also find it unsatisfactory. Can you research that for me please? (Lifts hand and titters to self whilst thinking ofM-R busying herself with the latest request for info!) 😉

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