Macro Monday



That’s All!

See Ya xx


10 comments on “Macro Monday

    • Now look here, with your wisecracks about our snails! (Takes on a stroppy pose with one raised eyebrow! Follows the link anyway!) Aha, our garden snails are the same as yours! (Puts on a superior face though she’s a little unsure why!) My little beauty is a banded snail and he’s just little and will never get like the fat (Aussie and Brit) garden snail! Actually I just love snails-but I don’t like to touch them, just look! 🙂

      • So you(se) have a variety of ’em ! – how starnge, as Stringer liked to say. 😀
        No wisecracks, I do assure you.
        [wearing very earnest countenance]
        I find your photography of them quite fascinatin – possibly because I haven’t seen any closeups before … But they’re really just as good-looking as anything else in the garding, eh ? – we have to separate our thoughts from the lettuces ..

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