Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art 2

Again, works of art in nature for me!

Just look at this damselfly's wings!

Just look at this damselfly’s wings!



And I just can’t resist a dandelion clock!

What time is it??

What time is it??


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That’s All!

See Ya xx

26 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art 2

      • In deep depression: the Gagga Classic has broken down, and I must take it to be repaired. I’ll be without it till some time next week. I may kill myself.

      • I found stashed away in the back of one of the kitchen cupboards an electric one that Stringer bought me when I was in my final job – the office had no gas, so I could take a Bialetti in.It works: it just doesn’t make coffee like the Gaggia does.
        Biggest worry ? – there’s a possibility they may have to replace the boiler. And if that’s the case, I’m done.

    • Here’s hoping. You don’t mean the boiler for your heating do you? I thought this started with coffee machine! Or does the coffee machine have a boiler! There’s so much I don’t know about coffee machines! 😉

      • Yep, espresso machines all have internal boilers. And mine has a damned aluminium one – made in China. ‘Nuff said. 😐

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