Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move 2

The ‘On the Move’ verb I am looking at today is ‘fly’.

But do you know, I always get my verbs and nouns mixed up so let’s hope I get it right today!!!

IMG_6448 IMG_6461 IMG_6449 IMG_3616 IMG_3620 IMG_3386 IMG_6446

Yes I know, it’s all a bit tongue in cheek!

Lots of people don’t like flies, but just look at the shine and colour….amazing! (I think!)

If you want to see more entries to this challenge then visit here!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


29 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move 2

    • We’ll he’s not a bee. He’s one of those hoverfly type insects that mimic a bee! However as long as you live him who cares what he’s called. I confess to being totally enthralled with close ups of flies. 🙂

    • Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t invite them in to my home and would def not want them to clamber and spit on my food. I also wouldn’t want to travel where they go …… But!!….they are amazing and weird and shiny and revolting and worth looking at! But I know they aren’t everyone’s cup o’ tea! 🙂 😉 x

    • I agree, but just visually?? (She wondered if she was fighting a losing battle in the war for the sanctity of the fly! Actually she knew she was, so she shrugged and carried on watching the Eurovision song context…which she considered to be far worse than flies!) 🙂

    • Malta was a really upbeat well sung and written song. And no, no Andrew Lloyd webber! Yes will discuss tomorrow as have just seen result but my lips are sealed! Night night xx

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