Macro Monday

Here’s my Macro Monday offering….

Whilst taking a break from digging at the allotment and wandering off in a creative sort of way, I spotted this Small Red Damselfly sunning herself (I checked and she’s a girl……now when I say checked, I mean I googled it!!) and enjoying a rest.

IMG_3374 IMG_3375 IMG_3377 IMG_3379 IMG_3380

That’s All!

See Ya xx


36 comments on “Macro Monday

  1. this is so lovely another great shot and I am so jealousyou have an allotment, I am on a waiting list, not sure it will be good for my back but hey ho, but i think 20yrs wait 😦

    • Ooooh now I want to know why! (Sits back in chair, takes a sip of tea and begins to wonder…… No sound emits from her…… ideas form……she falls asleep). Why dammit why M-R? 😉

      • Because you obviously love what you do, and because you’re quite mad, and because you make me laugh, and because you’re uncomplicated.

    • Aha! Excellent, but, actually….why did you go offline??
      The uncomplicated bit is because of the single brain cell that I
      pose sess (I like that typo….of course I meant possess!!) I do love my photography-it brings me great joy. I also love blogging and meeting – well quite frankly – your sort! 😉 And…I like laughing and being amused ( which includes amusing myself!!…which I do!) 😉 xx

    • Ah!!! I like your thinking! Are there any other names like that? With a tweak of the letters they could change their names to Dam-selfy! and Lad-bird/Lad-bug!! 😉

      • thank goodness they don’t speak or understand English. although they are given to bouts of fowl language. 🙂

        or maybe they do understand? the bald eagles have been circling the area, and curiously enough, it’s migratory bird season here. hmmm …

    • LOL ‘fowl language’. Sadly they would be able to communicate with me quite well on the days when my language is a little riper than it should be! Bald eagles eh! Wow! Are the poor females bald too? 😉

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂

        the poor females are indeed hirsute as well. It doesn’t ‘happen’ for juvie bald eagles until adolescence. 🙂

        actually, bald is a misnomer. they do have white head feathers, it just looks like they don’t have feathers up there. 🙂

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