Macro Monday

Being here in Turkey on holiday, I nearly forgot about Macro Monday! Quelle horreur!! However I do, of course, have a few shots à la macro……

These are some rather gorgeous spiky plants at Patara archaeological site…



And a macro mystery. These little buzzy beasties were flying around joined together in a push me pull you sort of way. I watched for a while, then they landed and I swooped in, camera at the ready. I have no idea what they are (though I do know what they were doing!).


Just before a visit to a thermal springs cave deep underground, my trusty camera and I saw this little chap……
“Ah Inglezi woman” he cricketed, “it will be hard to get rid of the smell of sulphur if you go down that gorge underground!”
And he was right about the thermal sulphur stinking crack in the ground hot water spring….2 days later and still with an aroma of sulphur hanging about!



That’s All
See Ya xx