Following Wanton Wednesday, Thunderstruck Thursday!

For those of you awaiting round 2 of the Semi and Sade Serçe story…..
Oh dear, it hasn’t taken Semi Serçe long to lose interest in his lovely lady….
Something else has taken his interest…. Look…..


Cheeky chap in the middle an’ all!


And off without a backward glance!

Poor Sade!

That’s All!
See ya xx

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Patterns

Today, from Turkey, I present you with part of the life cycle of a plant that is unknown to me!
But just look at its patterns……


I have decided to call it The False Teeth Plant!


Any flowers you see in the background of these photos are from the plant itself!


And here’s the last one…..


For anyone who wishes to see more entries, then visit Cee here…..
That’s All!
See Ya xx