11 comments on “Macro Monday

  1. But … they’re TINY !
    I was just going to ask you what these flowers are when I scrolled down to find that they’re blossoms on a tree …
    You too are getting better. I mean, I can remember when you couldn’t photograph anything without its being … glorious. 🙂

    • I know and such pretty colours on them…yes tiddly widdly teeny weeny tiny! And thank you M.R., very kind, though of course I know you eschew that it’s kind as you don’t say anything you don’t mean!! Do I know you a little bit?
      PS But really, thank you 😀

      • When I say stuff I really don’t mean, I letcha know. It must be difficult exchanging views with a distant Aussie who does play the Aussie game of “the more I am rude to you the better you know I like you” … and intersperses that with genuine compliments ! 😀

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