Just a Beautiful Little Yellow Daisy!

It’s sunny today in the UK!!!

Spring is on the way and I love daisies……

IMG_1646 IMG_1645 IMG_1650 IMG_1649 IMG_1648

But, whilst they get bad press, I also rather like the dandelion…..


That’s All!

See Ya xx


6 comments on “Just a Beautiful Little Yellow Daisy!

  1. simple sensational – and what an intense yellow – maybe not so simple after all!! and you are right – they do get bad press – and just from experience it is because they TEAR up the lawn – they ruin the grass pretty badly. anyhow, did you also know that dandelion leaves are very nutritious – bitter, but super good for you.

    • Yes, all is true of the dandelion I’m sad to say. I also love the dandelion clock. Did you see, someone has identified the one I thought was a daisy as a colts foot, which is absolutely spot on, 🙂

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