Weekly Photo Challenge: Object 3

I chose these photos for this challenge for 2 reasons….

  1. It is an object, thus it fulfils the title of the challenge…….


2. I object to this snail eating up my spring flower shoots! (See what I did there? It’s all in the emphasis of 1st and 2nd syllable!)


I would like to add that I am very fond of snails even though this one has been a little naughty!!!

That’s All …… except for seeing if you want to have a look at the continuing saga of E but D (Elegant but Dishevelled) and Dot-nose, 2 unsavoury characters if ever there were!

Here’s the link to the latest post….



16 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object 3

  1. DID YOU POSE THIS ?????
    It don’t look to me as if thet snyle coulda got there and then died.
    Or pr’aps it were your flower wot dun it?
    Heh heh …

    • I always scan my garden when I walk up the path and was delighted to spot it! No pose whatsoever! ( or was it superglue and a yearning to control my garden snails???) NO POSE!

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