Ode to my Appendix!

You’re an odd appendage Appendix

No-one knows quite what you’re for!

But over the last few days

You certainly given me what for!

Pretty aren't they?

Not my appendix!

I knew I felt a bit grotty

I knew things weren’t quite right!

And then a strange thing happened…

I refused  wine on a Friday night!

This pretty little flower is one I photographed today just up the road in a place called Water End. Ain't it pretty?

Definitely not my appendix!


To cut a long story short (phew!)

A story that isn’t so comical

The doctor took one look and said…

 “Go straight to hospital!”

"And she certainly didn't do anything snazzy iPhoto wizardy at all....this is really what we look like!" smiled Polonius Purple Heart!

Much prettier than my appendix!


So I’ve been away from WordPress

And I’ve had my appendix removed!

I’m now recovering at home

Feeling slightly battered and bruised!


But I don’t need that appendage

It certainly had no purpose

And I’m back to my blogging world

Without an organ that was surplus!

That’s All!

See Ya xx

27 comments on “Ode to my Appendix!

  1. Lol, love this. 🙂 My cousin just had her appendix removed, and I felt so bad because she said it hurts to laugh…..I can’t imagine not laughing. 😦 Anyway, hope you feel better soon!!!! 🙂

  2. I had commenced to wonder, Liz! – “where are my daily doses of birdies and flowers and beautiful English countryside?” I asked myself. V. sorry to learn of the pain you will have been through; but these days an appendectomy is as nought. As is the offending organ itself, of course! 😀 Keyhole surgery? One hopes. Welcome home!

  3. Hi mrs turner ! Im sitting here with miss Reynolds in our onsies looking at your lovely photos and we just see your fantastic poem. We were both just saying how great you are and we are missing the fun you bring to the classroom. I hope you are feeling a little bit better and we cant wait to have you back !! Take care ♥

    • Aw shucks! Mrs. Payne and Miss Reynolds!!!! I am wondering about the onesies and it being a work night an’ all!! Woss goin’ on? Have managed a small walk today….ooo er! Bit sore but feeling better! Thank you for looking 🙂

  4. Good to see you can turn anything into an opportunity to write and accompany it with beautiful pics. Get well soon 🙂

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