Macro Monday

Today, on Macro Monday……

Pheasant Pheathers!!

…or should that be….

Feasant Feathers???

P1010508 P1010507 P1010517 P1010514 P1010511 P1010510 P1010509 P1010499 P1010493 P1010492

That’s All!

See Ya xx


4 comments on “Macro Monday

  1. Liz! – how breathtaking! And to think that people go around with guns shooting these beautiful creatures out of the sky … Man’s dominion over the animals make me throw up. Sorry. [M.R. gets off soapbox.]

    • Thank you…the colours are amazing and the greens and blues in it are wonderful-didn’t realise there was so much colour on pheasants feathers! Not much of a gun person myself, only like to shoot with my camera!! 🙂

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