Thursday’s Special

When I went for a walk by the canal this week, it was such a beautiful, still day and I managed to take these photos….




I also took these but sadly I couldn’t get far enough away (due to some rather large bushes) to enable me to fit the whole building and canal boat in…so here’s what I did fit in!




If you wish to see the originator of this challenge and other entries, visit Paula at

That’s All!

See Ya xx


7 comments on “Thursday’s Special

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    • Oh thank you so much. I am very honoured that you have nominated me! I am a bit hopeless with awards but delighted that you thought of me. I’m going to set to it this weekend! Thank you once again for thinking of me 🙂

  2. oh my goodness! the synchronicity of finding this post is just mindboggling!
    I came here randomly from Cee’s award nomination page (congrats!) and here I land on canal barges right after i finished googling “canal boat bed and breakfasts in England” My daughter and I are planning her graduation trip to the UK and we’ve both always wanted to see (and maybe even stay) on a longboat!
    Wow! life is crazy…thanks for a great–and timely–post!!

    • Thank you! It’s very beautiful round here and I adore walking along the canal. There’s nothing better than a still day like that day. As for the wildlife-I love it (you’d have to look at various other posts to see them!). I nearly bought a canal boat! Still hanker after that sort of life now sometimes! You must have a ‘go’ on the canals, they’re great! 😀

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