Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite Again!

The Lupins had an infinite number of competitions to amuse themselves with on Autumnal evenings!

There was the "Most Sparkly and Shiny" competition!

There was the “Most Sparkly and Shiny” competition!


And the "Soft and Smooth" competition!

And the “Soft and Smooth” competition!

Often followed by the….

..."Rather too Garish" competition!

…”Rather too Garish” competition!


Later in the evening they held the….

"Who's the Coldest" competition!

“Who’s the Coldest” competition!

The never forgotten “Who can shed the most tears competition….

IMG_7836 IMG_7840

Also including the….

"I'm Lime" competition!

“I’m Lime” competition!

And finally, my favourite….

The "I'm jJust Too Darned Pretty" competition!

The “I’m Just Too Darned Pretty” competition!

That’s All!

See Ya xx