Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns 2

It must be a good year for a sort of spider which is called Garden spider or Cross Spider!

I know I made one cross today when I stuck my lens within 5 mm of her! ( I know it’s a ‘her’ because it is apparently the females that are found upside down in the centre of their webs!)

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

Now some of you may have seen my post yesterday which also featured a garden spider but that was the ‘Lower Garden by the Back Door’ Spider and todays is the ‘Upper Garden by the Shed’ Spider!

I love the pattern on her back….

So here’s another photo of her!


And the last one of my ‘Upper Garden by the Shed’ Spider is one of her underside (cheeky!)!

There's my shed in the background!!

There’s my shed in the background!!

If you look carefully you can actually see her pedipalps!!!!!

Oh ok….pedipalps are a pair of variously adapted appendages between the jaws and first walking legs of spiders!

That’s All for my version of ‘From Lines to Patterns’ for today!

See Ya xx