Globe Thistle Life Style Choices!

This post continues  with the Allium Gladiator alias Globe Thistle story of self acceptance and being yourself! (!) Should you wish to read earlier parts of this story then please look at my previous two posts 🙂

As Alfonso is no longer hiding

His true self which is pretty with curls

There’s nothing he prefers to be doing

Than hanging out with some bees and the girls!








By the way all his friends have decided

The old Adage is certainly true:

“If you can’t beat them then join them”

And they’re a vision of curly purple and blue!


That’s All!

See Ya xx


10 comments on “Globe Thistle Life Style Choices!

  1. I’ve been mad at thistles ever since I spelled the word incorrectly in the 7th grade spelling bee, which made me come in second. I COULD HAVE WON!!!!

    Stupid thistles.

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