Look at this! Inkweed!

In October last year I wrote a post about a plant I found with the most amazing fruit/berry. I had no idea what it was! Thanks to other ‘WordPressers’ I found out that the plant was called Inkweed and is native to America and Australia! So what it’s doing in a small village in Bedfordshire I have never quite fathomed!

Here’s the link to the original post where I was trying to find out what it was if you fancy a look!


So when I was at the allotment the other day, what should I notice but the very same inkweed (Hank as I called him back then!) but this time ‘Hank’ is in full and very pretty pink flower! Not sure if Hank is an appropriate name now!

Have a look at this!



IMG_5321Isn’t it pretty!

Some close up shots…..



IMG_5341You just wouldn’t think something this beautiful could be poisonous!!





Oh, by the way….its flower is bisexual and and the flowerhead is erect! Don’t tut at me, that’s what it said in the description!


And here’s a photo is it in full berry last October….

What a beauty!

What a beauty!


That’s All!

See Ya xx