What the Pigeons Did Next……?

I pretend I have pet pigeons……it amuses me to think of having pet pigeons with no need of a cage, cleaning or feeding….in fact they don’t even mind when I’m away on holiday! They really are no bother!

What I also like is the show they put on every evening on my fence. They never seem to get bored of their ritual (which always ends the same way) and at the end of it all, off they fly!

So I thought I would share this nightly performance with you!

Meet Peony Pigeon!

Meet Peony Pigeon!

...And Picardy Pigeon!

…And Picardy Pigeon!

Aha! Picardy has spotted his love interest Peony….

"Time to spruce myself up a little!" thinks Picardy!

“Time to spruce myself up a little!” thinks Picardy!

(Hover on pics to see comments!)

Well….not to be out preened, Peony began her toilette (please pronounce toilette ‘wiz a frrrrrench accent’)

Picardy puts the final touches on himself, also checking his wing pits!

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

A quick ruffle puffle....voila!

A quick ruffle puffle….voila!

They move in closer…..


And now, just a sneak preview of what’s coming on tomorrow’s blog………


Those mad staring eyes!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


9 comments on “What the Pigeons Did Next……?

  1. I have a pet pigeon, and it is certainly a lot of cleaning and feeding! It’s a full time job looking after the little chap. But they are endearing animals. You have captured Picardy and Peony’s characters very well in these charming photos.

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