Norfolk Sunset!

Whilst travelling back from Norfolk having visited my grandsons, just look at what nature had in store for us…

Oh me oh can imagine I had to stop the car and get out for photos!

Oh me oh my….you can imagine I had to stop the car and get out for photos!

But just look at all the photos….not one bit of editing to any of them either! (Click on any of the following images to ‘big them up’!)

By this stage the back of my head and my right ear were beginning to become numb….what with the wind, the flat Norfolk landscape and a biting wind. I’m made of stern stuff though and I continued with my mission to wait until the sun had set….

And here’s my last one….



That’s All!

See Ya xx


10 comments on “Norfolk Sunset!

  1. Well it’s been a while! And I see you’ve visited my neck of the woods recently, amazing photos. Just doing some catching up on my son’s laptop, mine’s still poorly. But it’s been great reading your posts, I’ve missed them. 🙂

      • It’s great to be back! I’ve missed everyone.
        Been sorting out a book trailer, when my son allowed me to use his laptop, that is. But I’m now lucky enough to have taken possession of it because he bought himself a shiny new one. So my evenings will now belong to wordpress again. 🙂
        I’m just glad I had the foresight to back-up my manuscripts before my old lappie bit the dust. 😉

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