Really?? Rhubarb??

There we were on the allotment, trying to work out what to plant…(well I wasn’t….I was looking for photo opportunities!)…and what should I espy?

Little buds of red calling out to be photographed!

Such a bright colour!

Such a bright colour!


Then there are these with more leaves showing through…




And one more step along the leafage route….





What I’m worried about is that it’s just me who thinks that baby rhubarb looks amazing!!

That’s All!

See ya xx


17 comments on “Really?? Rhubarb??

  1. Did you know that rhubarb leaves are very poisonous.. those look like baby Trifids (sp) – I love rhubarb pie and custard 🙂

  2. I ain’t never had evaporated milk custard…might have to try that myself! Haven’t had evaporated milk for years….brings back memories of tinned mandarins and evap milk!!! 🙂

    • It gets much bigger than that and you just eat the stalk/stem. It can be quite sour but with enough sugar and under a crumble top with custard it is wonderful~! 🙂

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