A Word a Week Challenge: Industrial

I offer you my industrial photos but only after I tell you that this idea comes from Sue aka Skinnywench.

You can visit her at:




I rather like these though I say it myself!

3 cheers for a beautiful day as well!

That’s All!

See Ya xx


22 comments on “A Word a Week Challenge: Industrial

  1. I came over all strange when I saw these photos 🙂 The reason, yesterday I took an almost identical photo of a pylon myself but I didn’t manage to get right underneath as you did… how on earth did you do that without getting electrocuted (or prosecuted haha!) ?

  2. Well strangely the pylon was just next to a path of a nature walk that I was on! It had some barbed wire around the bottom struts of the pylon but nothing to stop me going right underneath! I wondered if my hair was going to stand on end or anything but no! All was fine! 😉

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