He would have been 85 this year.

Today is my dad’s birthday and if he was alive he would be 85.

He died in June last year and so I want to write this blog for him.

Mum and dad lived in Marlow for many years and they loved walking by the river….

Marlow lock, bridge and church.

Marlow lock, bridge and church.


He loved feeding the ducks on the walks….


He loved all flowers but some of his favourites were daisy like flowers….

P1010535 IMG_2261 P1010033

He taught me that this was a cinnabar moth just 2 years ago…

But he didn't chase it round the field like I did!

But he didn’t chase it round the field like I did!


He loved butterflies…


He loved scrumping and even when he was in the care home he found a walnut tree in the grounds and picked about 10lbs of them!

Blackberries and cob nuts were some of his favourites….

Not sure he'd have been interested n the shield bug though!

Not sure he’d have been interested in the shield bug though!

He loved my mum and supported her through a Fine Art Degree and a Masters…

One of mum's sculptures

One of mum’s sculptures

An oil painting

An oil painting


Here’s dad with Rocky as a puppy. Rocky keeps mum company now!

Dad got very fond of Rocky.

Dad got very fond of Rocky.


This blog feels very different to what I usually do, but I suppose a change is as good as a rest!

I miss my dad but I know he is at peace.