Blogfestivus-A Seasonal Short Story Writing Challenge: Letter to Blitzen


Dear Blitzen,

I am writing to you about my membership request concerning the ‘Reindeer of the Icelandic Antler Club’ of which you are a founding member. I am at a loss as to why I have been totally rejected time and again!

I have been trying to think of some way that I could persuade you that I would be an asset to the club. I have decided to strike while the iron is hot and let you know that including me in your club won’t get you fired but that maybe I will have to resort to making YOU feel the heat.

Alternatively I could tell you I’m a bright spark and that I could improve your social evenings with my mobile disco! I have a great many tunes in my repertoire including ‘Smoke gets in your eyes’, ‘Disco Inferno’ and, oh, this one may strike a chord with you…. ‘Twisted Firestarter’!

I wonder if you are getting my gist?

Feeling excited yet? I expect so!

You may recognise your clubhouse in the next photo…..  the one that was razed to the ground last year in suspicious circumstances!

But I think my last photo will definitely be the clincher in getting you to finally accept my application! One could say your reputation is hot on your heels!

Yes Blitzen I know your hot little secret!

Yes Blitzen I know your hot little secret!

I expect to hear from you in the affirmative soon!

Yours sincerely,


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