Blogfestivus-A Seasonal Short Story Writing Challenge: Letter to Comet

blogfestivus-2012Dear Comet,

I see you have achieved what you set out to get… a meteoric rise to celebrity, wealth and fame! Well, I’m wondering if I can achieve what I have set my sights on too! This is, for your information, to finally become a member of the ‘Reindeers of the Icelandic Antler Club’, which so far has proved extremely difficult-what with the rejections and all!

But back to you and just how you rose to such heights on that dubious reality show ‘Star Shine’, hosted by Simon Cowherd. Well he certainly took a ‘shine’ to you didn’t he? The photo below shows you becoming like a rabbit in the headlights on stage when you were supposed to be singing! No – your mouth doesn’t seem to be opening and yet somehow, on that performance, you won the show!

Could it have been because ‘Mutton Deaf’ Jeff Buckley  was off stage crooning his heart out as your voice stand in? (See photo below!)

You should be thankful for computer wizardry making it look like you were singing on the night!

Evidence enough, I think, for you to consider recommending me to your precious Board. On the other hand maybe you would like to slip from the A list when people to find out that you are actually tone deaf and have no talent whatsoever! Does Mr. Buckley still do voice overs for you?

I expect a response from you very soon!

Yours sincerely


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