Blogfestivus 2012-A Seasonal Short Story Writing Challenge: Letter to Vixen


Dear Vixen,

My name is One-Horn and you do know me but I expect you don’t remember me as I am just one of many on your list of conquests. But before I get too carried away, let me tell you why I am writing to you. You, I believe, are one of the founding members of the Reindeers of the Icelandic Antler Club of which I wish to become a member.

Sadly, whilst you were happy to say ‘yes’ to me once you had seduced me with your doe eyes and lip licking sauciness (see photo below!), it appears you are not willing to say ‘yes’ to my membership request!

Here’s a photo of me with you, powerless to resist!


But maybe, just maybe I can change your mind!

I have found out that you are encouraging young does to enter into a vow of chastity until the buck of their dreams comes along, involving them in promising to remain virginal until their wedding day. I wonder what the young does would say if they knew about your ‘rutting tree’!! A tree where, in the throes of passion, your antlers scar the bark of said tree. Of course, as always, I have proof of this….

And close up…

So dear, sweet, lustful and lascivious Vixen….I will keep quiet if you let me join your club.

Yours sincerely,


PS Any chance of a meet at the rutting tree for old times sake?

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