Blogfestivus-A Seasonal Short Story Writing Challenge: Letter to Dancer


Dear Dancer,

My name is One-Horn. Should you ever deign to look at the Reindeers of the Icelandic Antler Club post you would know that I wish to become a member. I have received rejection letters, so I thought  I would write to you personally to help you to see why I should become a member! I have enclosed the photo that you require in order to make a decision about membership!

Putting aside my most distressed feeling I’m sure I can persuade you differently on this matter!  Now let’s see….

I believe you are a supporter of the charity to stop reindeer calf obesity-The CCNCC (Cuddly Calves are NOT Cute Calves) and, as one of its’ patrons, I wonder what people would think of the fact that you only maintain your svelt figure by your extreme anorexic and bulimic behaviour. Do not try to deny it…I have proof!

As you can see, I have photo evidence of you tip toeing off after your meal, thinking no-one knows what you are going to do. But I know….not only am I watching your every move, but I am listening to your every conversation and you don’t even know it!

Yes, there I am casually listening in and there you are looking smug and slim having indulged in your after meal ritual cleansing!

So I’m wondering how you are feeling now about reconsidering my application? I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


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