Wild Life, Plant Life and Bad Hair Days!

It was cold today…and windy! I had decided to take my mother (wrist operation recuperation at my house) and her dog Rocky (always looking for food) to show her the allotment which is now covered with carpet-No, I’m not completely mad, it’s to kill all weeds and unwanted growth so we can produce mountains of veg etc. next year!!

This blog will introduce you to my mother a little (but I can’t get her to put her hood down), Rocky (who is very sweet and utterly devoted to her) and a couple of other creatures on the way!

So, here’s Rocky at the allotment…

I told you it was windy!

Then here’s my mother and her shadow!

What is she thinking about so deeply?

I told you yesterday about my mum’s comments on my handmade, by my own fair hands, woodstore and you know, I don’t think she’s forgotten about it yet!

For those of you who haven’t read it…she thought it was badly designed!!

Anyway then we met these three…

These three are together all the time and move as a unit!

My Mother made friends with Sherlock…


Here’s a cute close up


And another…

That wind is whooping his hair about!

Here’s Rocky at home….

Notice in the background a very fine woodstore!!

Is it a bad hair day…or not??

Dinner time Rocky!!


That’s all!

See Ya xx


9 comments on “Wild Life, Plant Life and Bad Hair Days!

  1. Love these pictures and the place in these pictures… with so much nature around, your life is so full of photo opportunities!!! Love the three who are a unit… and they aren’t even the same species! Love the ‘shadow’ and the wind that makes ‘bad hair days’ 🙂

  2. Hi…I know I’m very lucky to have beautiful countryside right on my doorstep. There certainly are photo opportunities galore and I never leave the house for a walk without my camera! Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting 🙂

    • Thanks again :). I had a lot of fun putting it together.
      I notice you have ‘my free copyright’ logo. Have you found the service easy to use and helpful? I had a look at it but am unsure whether to use it or not. Thanks 🙂

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