Fungi, green iridescence and who’s that up ahead?

Well, as you may know if you had a peek at my blog yesterday, I am looking after my mother after she has had an operation on her wrist for carpel tunnel syndrome. Mind you I nearly stopped looking after her when she mentioned that she thought my woodstore (made by my own fair hands and several dozen brackets) had been poorly constructed!! Just because the roof isn’t big enough and the wood gets wet doesn’t mean it has a bad design!!!!!

I think I had better get on to fungi quick sharp….

Wet weather and fungi go together well as the next pictures will show you…

Surely this has to be a town for some creature?

A tiny creature town going up a hill?

Now this next photo, whilst the light is not brilliant, does still show how this fungus has grown around leaves….Quite weird I thought!

Strange but true!

Another lovely set/town/group of fungi…


This next photo has my rather unattractive looking boot in it and there is a reason for this! I wanted to be able to show how big the fungi was…

There was lots of this in my village churchyard.

Now for three aesthetically pleasing (well to me!) photos of fungi…

So cute!

Love this two tone one!

I’ve just glanced at the title and realised I must show something regarding the green iridescence statement. This was about the branches of a fir tree where we walked this morning-myself, my mother and her dog Rocky.

No spray cans involved…and no photoshop either!

And finally to address…who’s that up ahead?

I’ll leave you to guess!

Both my mother and her dog are caught up in their own thoughts I think!

That’s all!

See Ya xx




4 comments on “Fungi, green iridescence and who’s that up ahead?

  1. I have no idea whether they’re edible or not and would be a little anxious trying to work it out for myself so I think I will just take photos! The two tone one was on a fallen down tree and looked really soft and smooth. 🙂

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