Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

What inspires me to write a blog is definitely nature and it has the most immense pull on me. I knew I wanted to go out today to find images for my next post, but for those of you who are not in the UK, I had better let you know about our weather at the moment. I believe you would call it blustery at the very least! Very strong winds indeed! And to demonstrate this, here’s a photo of me, taken by me in the fields behind my house!

My beloved hat that I bought in Australia has never flown off before….well before today!

I’d now like to show a selection of images that inspire and delight me, that make me always carry my camera and which fill me with excitement when downloading to my computer.

A beautiful poppy seed head adorned with a cobweb and morning dew.

A spider on his web in my garden…

Then there’s the humour of a horse taking part in Movember!!! (I have already published this but it’s very amusing!)

Marvellous moustache!

Generally, fungus fascinates me…

Fabulous Fungi

Then, of course, there are just beautiful flowers!


Often the beauty of something close up is amazing…

So there you have it, just some of the things that inspire me!

That’s all!

See Ya xx

15 comments on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

    • Ah, that wonderful creature in the field that I happened upon. He’s great isn’t he! He just lives in the field next to my allotment-in fact he provides a very good line in manure for us gardeners! I will be walking to the allotment today and may well see if I can get more photos….I’d quite like to do some more on him too. Thanks for commenting and hopefully more of Mr. Moustache will appear! 🙂

  1. I love this post! Usually I feel as if images work without text, but in this case your words add such depth & humor. Thank you!

  2. I forgot to mention, that poppy’s incredible!!! And I love Henry’s mustache. These are my favorites, but all the shots are great.

    • Hi and thanks! I got the hat in Darwin when I visited about 15 years ago. I loved Australia and I’m hoping to come back at some point. I must have raved about it so much that my son spent 2 years there recently and is now in NZ plotting ways to get back to Aus! 😉

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