Snails on a wet day but no fungus or magpies!

It’s wet….it’s very wet…in fact, at the risk of repeating myself once too often….it’s very very wet today!

I had posted my weekly photo challenge (Green 5), done some washing, had a coffee, fiddled about a bit and decided I needed a walk. The weather, as I said, is wet! Hey ho…I need the exercise, so on went wet weather gear etc etc..

I had set my sights on a particular copse and decided “Today I will photograph either magpies or fungus!” (I know I know, odd pairing!) I entered the field and immediately saw a large cut down tree….voila!

There’s a lot going on in here!

Here’s another view…

I love the colours and textures.

But then I looked a little closer and found so many snails…..

I do love snails!

Then I saw this pair having a race!

What’s the hurry?

Here’s a shy fellow…

Celeste, we can only see your tail!

And up they go….

Up they go!

Steve’s shell in a much better shot!

Am very fond of this photo!

So, don’t forget:

-hover over photos

-If you click the photo, they will enlarge!

That’s all!!

See Ya xx


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