Fungus! (What an attractive title!)

As I wandered about yesterday, waiting for my car to be fixed, camera in hand, anxious purse in pocket, bemused bystanders watching on, I found myself some fungus to photograph!

There seemed to be two different sorts (or so I thought!)…

Fungus/fried egg/fungus/fried egg?

And this little pouting beauty….

If it was Halloween now I’d be thinking this was an eyeball!

So there I was on the side of the road, taking no notice of people wondering what I was doing, crouching down and thinking that these were quite amazing fungi. I spent quite a few minutes prodding various puffballs in order to capture the puff of spore smoke (sadly to no avail!). This is a shot of me doing just that (and yes, you will notice the lack of spore smoke!)…

It puffed and I missed!

Here are some sweet shots….

Eye eye!

Their relationship was doomed from the start!

A far more healthy relationship!

So there I was in Fungusville when I thought….hang on a minute….does the fried egg fungus, with its sort of hump growing in the middle, become the puffball….sort of like it looks more and more pregnant? Are you with me? Am I right?

Well, I think I’ll finish this blog with that question and hope someone may answer me!!

That’s all!

See Ya xx



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