Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

My son is in New Zealand. He has been travelling in the Antipodes for nearly three years. This most amazing picture appeared on his Facebook page.

I think it is incredible….

The Beauty of New Zealand!

The Beauty of New Zealand!

I want to go there!

Climbing Cows, Rhubarb, birds and berries!

If you have visited me before, you will know that my mother and her dog are staying with me. My mother is recuperating and the dog, Rocky, is mainly thinking about food!

We have walked and been to the local town today and armed, as always, with my camera I have some photos of today’s events for you!

I was astonished, when passing a local farm, to see a cow that had climbed on top of some large silage bags! Even more astonished when I realised that there was more than one-a small herd would be more accurate- and that they had ripped the plastic bags and were eating the silage!

“Follow me!” mooed Carol, “before the rest of the herd spot us and everything gets too crowded!”

She is definitely staring me down!

Silage is pasture grass that has been pickled!

This next photo is just an interesting (I think) shot of rhubarb near my allotment…

Does it look a little rude to you too?

Just before our walk I spotted a pigeon on the hedge, so I took a snap…or two…

“Oooh er,” said Percy, “this hedge is a little pricklier than I had anticipated!”

“Cor blimey, I can’t seem to take off…..my feet are killing me!” said Percy as he tried but failed to fly off!

I can’t seem to resist the berries that are around at the moment. These are woody nightshade berries and I guess you might say they are on their last legs….but they are still beautiful!

And finally, some beautiful pink…yes pink berries!


“All in pink to make the boys wink!” said Belinda, failing to realise her time was nearly up and she would soon become flaccid, dried up and brown!

Happens to the best of us!

That’s All!

See ya xx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful 5

I have 2 things that I am thankful for today!

One is being thankful for the most amazing and wonderful friend ever whose name is Adrienne. She would never allow me to put a photo of her in a blog even if I had ever managed to get a photo of her! However, I do have a photo that she sent to me of a little dog that that she met on a beach and here it is….

“It’s windy on this beach!” said Piggle Pug!
What sort of dog ARE you?

The other thing I’m thankful for is my wonderful, talented mum who is staying with me this week after a hand operation. And as an antidote to the strange little Piggle Pug above, here is my mum’s very pretty dog-Rocky!

“Wonder when I’ll have something to eat!” said Rocky contentedly sitting in the sun.

So I guess it’s friends and mums today!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful 4

I always said I would like a Duck Farm….

And together….

In the distance….

But this is my favourite duck ever and a few weeks ago I wrote a blog dedicated to this very beautiful Mandarin Duck….

If you have already seen this, I definitely think he’s worth another look anyway!

YES I am thankful for ducks!

Here’s the link to the Mandarin Duck blog if you are interested….


Wild Life, Plant Life and Bad Hair Days!

It was cold today…and windy! I had decided to take my mother (wrist operation recuperation at my house) and her dog Rocky (always looking for food) to show her the allotment which is now covered with carpet-No, I’m not completely mad, it’s to kill all weeds and unwanted growth so we can produce mountains of veg etc. next year!!

This blog will introduce you to my mother a little (but I can’t get her to put her hood down), Rocky (who is very sweet and utterly devoted to her) and a couple of other creatures on the way!

So, here’s Rocky at the allotment…

I told you it was windy!

Then here’s my mother and her shadow!

What is she thinking about so deeply?

I told you yesterday about my mum’s comments on my handmade, by my own fair hands, woodstore and you know, I don’t think she’s forgotten about it yet!

For those of you who haven’t read it…she thought it was badly designed!!

Anyway then we met these three…

These three are together all the time and move as a unit!

My Mother made friends with Sherlock…


Here’s a cute close up


And another…

That wind is whooping his hair about!

Here’s Rocky at home….

Notice in the background a very fine woodstore!!

Is it a bad hair day…or not??

Dinner time Rocky!!


That’s all!

See Ya xx

Fungi, green iridescence and who’s that up ahead?

Well, as you may know if you had a peek at my blog yesterday, I am looking after my mother after she has had an operation on her wrist for carpel tunnel syndrome. Mind you I nearly stopped looking after her when she mentioned that she thought my woodstore (made by my own fair hands and several dozen brackets) had been poorly constructed!! Just because the roof isn’t big enough and the wood gets wet doesn’t mean it has a bad design!!!!!

I think I had better get on to fungi quick sharp….

Wet weather and fungi go together well as the next pictures will show you…

Surely this has to be a town for some creature?

A tiny creature town going up a hill?

Now this next photo, whilst the light is not brilliant, does still show how this fungus has grown around leaves….Quite weird I thought!

Strange but true!

Another lovely set/town/group of fungi…


This next photo has my rather unattractive looking boot in it and there is a reason for this! I wanted to be able to show how big the fungi was…

There was lots of this in my village churchyard.

Now for three aesthetically pleasing (well to me!) photos of fungi…

So cute!

Love this two tone one!

I’ve just glanced at the title and realised I must show something regarding the green iridescence statement. This was about the branches of a fir tree where we walked this morning-myself, my mother and her dog Rocky.

No spray cans involved…and no photoshop either!

And finally to address…who’s that up ahead?

I’ll leave you to guess!

Both my mother and her dog are caught up in their own thoughts I think!

That’s all!

See Ya xx



The Bull Bay Tree and my Mother’s Wrist!

Today my dear mother had her left wrist operated on to relieve her carpel tunnel syndrome. Consequently I took her to the hospital and left her there for the op…this was not in a heartless way but I was told to come back later as I would only get in the way! (Did you see how I swung the sympathy back to myself having made you think I was mean leaving poor mother!)

So back to mother’s home and Rocky the dog, who ignored me, rushed around looking for his mistress and then stood in the window pining for the one he loves (which is not me!). Once the rain had stopped I coaxed Rocky out from under the table(!) to get his lead on and then took him for a walk. I went the route that takes me past a most magnificent tree which I know to be a Magnolia grandiflora aka Bull Bay tree. Look at this flower…

Such a beautiful white!

And another….


Both of these were taken in July and if you are patient I will show you today’s photos, but you have to wait a minute!

Here’s a close up…

Watch out for the colour this middle bit turns later in the blog!

Also on the tree last summer were some flowers that had died….

It turns such amazing colours!

But look at the close up…

What a pink!

So when I walked past the tree today I took some more photos…

Not quite as vibrant now!

But I did spot some buds a coming!


Now, mum’s operation went fine and the NHS were brilliant! Mind you, I had to laugh just before we left as the nurse came in and told us that mum had to have an elevation sling for her arm! The problem was she couldn’t remember how to do it! She said that her and her husband had been watching a video of how to do it on the internet the previous evening! So, out came my iPhone, search ‘elevation sling’ and I showed her the video clip!! She sort of got there in the end!

Anyway, I forgot to say about the little robin singing his heart out at the top of a 50 foot tree….

This is the clearest I could get the picture…he was so high up!

And that’s all!

See Ya xx


Weekly photo challenge: Thankful 3

I was so pleased to come across this lovely ivy on a very damp, dank and rainy day last week.

I guess ‘thankful’ would be a way to describe it!

Though I would not say to someone “I am so thankful for ivy!”, I would definitely say…

“Isn’t ivy beautiful, just look at it!”

Does that count?

I love ivy and have written a blog filled with photos of ivy and its buds, flowers and seed heads.

Here’s the link to the post if you’re interested:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I can’t believe how hard I have found it to decide which of my photos to choose to show how thankful I am for so many things!

Yesterday I showed my mum and my grandson holding hands.

Today I think I will show myself with my other grandson just after he was born.

I love my grandsons more than I believed possible.

He’s probably only 3 or 4 hours old!

I am truly thankful for my grandsons.