Inkweed update!

Feel like I’ve been away from blogging for ages, though in truth it’s only a few days. I was going to show you some photos of ivy but I happened to go to my allotment and remembered my old mate the ink weed. So that is what I bring you today.

Don’t forget to hover over the photos!

Well poor old Inkweed isn’t long for this world I would say!

Here is the once proud beast himself…

Poor old Hank!

And here’s an even sadder shot of Hank really close up….


For those of you who know nothing of this beastie….It is the Inkweed and it comes from the USA and Australia but I found some here in England in the village I live in!

This is my third update on its history and life!

This is what it looked like when I first found it at the beginning of September….

How the mighty are fallen!

I think it is amazing and I will keep watching Hank (story of his name in previous blog!) and keeping updates.

I am going to finish on a photo of a rather lovely swan that I saw by the canal today…..

What a beauty!

And one last one….

And with that Sigourney Swan turned tail and was gone!

 That’s all!

See Ya xx