Please can anyone tell me

Why my blog just disappears

When I search with a tag once I’ve published

It ain’t there and it brings me to tears!

I put this out on the forum

But as yet there is silence from there

I don’t understand what’s happening

Very soon I shall start to swear

Where is my blog in the wordpressosphere search?

So here is what happens…

  1. I write my blog
  2. I put in my categories and tags
  3. I publish my post
  4. I get taken to ‘Congratulations you have published — number of posts’
  5. It then says….’here’s what other people have blogged on the same subjects as you’
  6. I go and have a look, expecting mine to be at the top of the list as I have just published….and it’s not there!

This has only happened this week. I think people following are getting emails when I have posted a blog. I have cleared cookies etc from my internet.

Two pics and one last poem to express myself

Grrrr! Again!

Poised to get rid of temper through foot!

Stamping foot

Clenching fist

I’m sure it’s something

I have missed!

So any help or advice?

Let’s see if it works with tags and searching once I’ve published this!

See Ya xx