You’ve taken a picture of that???

Yes I have…..


So, I went for a walk this afternoon to blow away the cobwebs and I chose the canal as my exercise arena.

A little way along I stopped to look into a side ditch of water to see what I could see! I casually leaned on the railing. Then I looked directly down and saw the s%%% looking stuff in the above picture!

‘Urghh,’ thought I, ‘I wonder what wretched creature did that? And I wonder if they sat on this railing and dropped that?’

Then I leapt back to check they hadn’t mis-dropped!….Phew, luckily not!

‘This needs a closer look!’ I thought and got down (and dirty!) to see….

Ohh there’s more!

Well I have to tell you, there was loads of ‘it’ and what ‘it’ was I knew not! I had a feeling ‘it’ was perhaps a fungus of some kind.

So I took another shot…

This one is about 1 and a half to 2 inches in size. The mushroom is minuscule!

And of course, I took another one…

But…what is it?

I shall tell you what it is. I have done extensive research using words like ‘fungus’ and ‘jelly’, using both search and images on google.

Any ideas what it might be?

Yep…that’s right……

Jelly Fungus!

So That’s Julia Jelly, Jenny Jelly, Jasmine Jelly and  Jillian Jelly all caught on camera!

Apparently you can eat it. And I say ‘you’- not me!

That’s all!

See Ya xx