Raindrops on Roses!

Yes, Yes, Yes, today it’s wet out there and I was in tidying mode. This involved removing ‘stuff’ and putting it away in the shed……

On the way I noticed raindrops preparing to drip just about everywhere!

“Quickly,” I thought, “Get your camera!” (Phew no hills to sprint up-see blog ‘Sunset-you ain’t seen nothing yet’)

Here is a  washing line shot….

Remember to hover!

Moments later I shook the line and the Drip family accomplished what their name suggested!

Then I saw these…..

The back of a garden chair!

By this stage my eyes were darting everywhere looking for more…ever more droplets about to let rip!

Then, this myriad of globules…

I love a misty, moisty day!

A while ago I planted some lettuce type greenery in inappropriately small pots. Thus to date there is not enough to make a sandwich, but they are perfect for a photo shoot!


I expect you may be wondering why I called this ‘Raindrops on Roses’?

Well, here you are….

I know…it’s just a rose leaf…please be patient!

What a big drip!


Now, this last photo-well how could I have raindrops on roses without whiskers on kittens?

It is my own handiwork, though I am sure you would never know!

You can purchase it if you want, but move quickly as it’s a limited edition!

I’ve held you up too long, so here it is….

A Masterpiece!

Ah well, I’ve made myself laugh!

That’s all!

See Ya xx