Distant Horizons

“You take lots of close ups!” said my dear buddy. “Why don’t you take some long shots?”

So the challenge began, but I don’t know if I can hold myself back from zooming in! But, by golly, I’m going to give it a go!

Now where better to start than where I live which has some pretty good views….

From the top of Dunstable Downs (I know, they should be Dunstable ups!), including the glider club.

This was taken in the early Summer, so here’s one in the early Autumn of the same place….

Them thar fields are ready for the ‘arvest!

Oh dang it, can’t help myself, a Summer and an Autumn slightly closer up shot coming up!

Well there’s a distant and vast long sky in the background!

And Autumn…

Even more distance in this one!

And now a misty moisty mornin’ one…

Very early one morning-don’t know what got into me!

And now some sort of distance in a close up kind of way shots!

Fields behind my house-nice!

Fields behind my house, slightly different point of view!

And now for the Grande Finale…..

Couldn’t help myself!

So, challenge mostly complete methinks.

Isn’t where I live nice!

That’s all!

See Ya xx


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